Getting Started at OSGeo

If you're new to OSGeo, here are a few things that you can do to come up to speed quickly with the organization and start collaborating with others.

All are welcome to participate regardless of membership status. You do not need to be an OSGeo member to use email mailing lists, the wiki or to contribute to any projects but we encourage your registration.

Get Oriented - FAQ

Have a look the FAQ, and join the discuss list.

Add Yourself to the Member List

To become an OSGeo member, register yourself on the Wiki. To do this, you will need a Wiki account, which you can get by clicking the 'log in' button on the upper right hand corner of the Wiki and follow the instructions. You will need to add your email address to make sure we know you are a sentient being and not a bot. For more information about using a Wiki, see the Wiki Help. After your registration, let people know in your personal Wiki user page (top right in the Wiki) what you're about, and what you're interested in. Please add '[[Category: OSGeo Member]]' within the page to become auto-registered on the member list page.

Since you've read the FAQ, you know that everyone participating is a member, so adding yourself to the discuss email list is the first thing to do.

See also current list of members

Become a Charter Member of OSGeo

Charter members have the same responsibilities as the other membership levels, with the additional responsibility of voting for board members. New charter members can be nominated through the community and are elected annually by the existing OSGeo charter members.

See also current list of charter members

Find a Project to Work On

The easiest place to start is the Volunteers Needed page, as projects will put up their requests based on what they're looking for. You also can email the discuss list directly to let people know what you're interested in and ask for pointers. You can click on any of the projects on the right side of this website.

You can also browse the mailing list archives, and join any of the mailing lists.

Join a Mailing List

For more information about mailing lists please see the Mailing List FAQ. This page outlines the primary lists for getting started. Some projects have several mailing lists, some intended for users and others for developers or simple announcements. Announce lists are generally low traffic.

Join a project mailing list and introduce yourself and ask where you can help out.

Hack on the Wiki

The wiki is where a lot of action takes place. Collaboration is much easier, so we start up new documents there, and transition them over to the primary site when we're happy with how they look and what they say. Documents on reflect OSGeo's positions, while on the wiki we work out what those positions are. You can find out where the action has been on the wiki by clicking on Recent Changes. Feel free to add new pages, propose new projects and ideas, and comment on or modify content that is under revision. If you are interested in being notified when new pages are posted in the wiki, subscribe to the RSS or Atom feeds.

Jump on IRC

Many of us hang out on irc, on the #osgeo channel at Or in more verbose terms, on the OSGeo channel of There are a variety of IRC clients, if you're running Firefox ChatZilla is very straightforward. There are many other good ones out there. With IRC you can informally get to know people, what they're working on, and what our current problems are. If you are behind a firewall, you may try out freenode's Web based IRC client.

Translating pages of this OSGeo portal

If you are interested in translating content of this portal please read the description on OSGeo Portal Translations and contact WebCom (use the mailing list there) to obtain a Drupal account.

Access to OSGeo services (OSGeo user ID)

OSGeo is endeavoring to using allow members, software users, and developers to access a variety of OSGeo services with a single userid and password (we are using LDAP authentication for this). At this time we are only part way to our goal. You can get an OSGeo userid to use the OSGeo services. If you forgot your or another user ID you can search by common name using this form.

Lost password?: Visit our password reset page to reset your password.