Trademark FAQ

Trademark FAQ

Trademark FAQ

What's the purpose of this document?

This document sets out to answer the common questions which arise about the use of the OSGeo Trademarks and Logos as described in the Trademark Guidelines. Our code is free, but we do strictly enforce our trademark rights; we must, in order to keep them valid. This means that, while you have considerable freedom to redistribute and modify our software, there are tight restrictions on your ability to use the OSGeo name and logos, even when built into binaries that we provide.

What are the OSGeo Trademarks and Logos?

The OSGeo trademarks include:

  • the name The Open Source Geospatial Foundation
  • the name OSGeo
  • the name
  • the name OSGeo Foundation
  • the name FOSS4G
  • the name FOSS4G Conference
  • the OSGeo compass logo

Can I put OSGeo banners on my website? Can I link to you?

Of course you may, thanks for your support! Check out the Logos of the foundation and how you may use them. If you need other formats or sized please make sure they are of best quality and resolution.

Can I make a t-shirt/desktop wallpaper/baseball cap with the logo on?

Sure, if it's just for you, or if it's for others and no money or other consideration changes hands. OSGeo operates the OSGeo Store which sells a range of branded merchandise for exactly this purpose, with the proceeds going to support the Foundation.

Can I modify your logos and distribute the result?

No, sorry. To maintain our legal standing with respect to our trademarks and to prevent confusion or misunderstanding within the marketplace, you may not modify the logos in any way other than described in our Trademark Guidelines.

You didn't answer my question.

Please contact us at and we'll try to help you out.