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Software GIS open-source, o alternativă completă la soluţiile proprietare. Introducere, librării şi toolkit-uri de dezvoltare A gentle introduction to the open source concepts and continue with an overview of principal geospatial libraries and toolkits. Vasile Crăciunescu2009-01-07 20:05
Supporting sustainable development: the GRASS GIS opportunity Two environmental relevant examples are worked out in this lab: 1)estimation of the quantity of potential solar energy that could be produced with solar panels using as input information the landscape morphology and the characteristics of building roofs obtainable from LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) Digital Surface Models and Digital Terrain Models. 2)risk assessment due to tsunami events: hazard, vulnerability and expected damages maps are computed. Specifically the exercise consists in the estimation of the maximum vertical height of the tsunami waves hitting the coast (run-up) and the subsequent diffusion over the inland areas, as a function of morphology, vegetation, and of coastal area urbanization. The results are used to estimate hazard corresponding to different return period events, associated exposition and vulnerability . Maria Antonia Brovelli, Massimiliano Cannata and Monia Molinari2009-01-06 13:34
Introduction to FOSS GIS using QGIS .8, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, and the Grass plugin for QGIS This contains exercises that can be used in a classroom or for self-study as well as homework assignments and datasets needed for the exercises. The one open issue is that some of the PostGIS/PostgreSQL exercises require the use of an external dataset hosted on a server at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.Charlie Schweik, Alexander Stepanov, Maria Fernandez, Mike Hamel, Quentin Lewis2008-12-09 18:10