Project Evaluation Criteria

Project Evaluation Criteria

Project Evaluation Criteria

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Version: 1.0
Status: approved
Last Edited: July 2, 2006
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The purpose of this document is to outline the criteria to be used for prioritizing projects for acceptance into the incubation process. The project must fully meet, or be capable of meeting by graduation, the Required Criteria. Projects should meet some or all of the Desirable Criteria. The intention is that the more criteria a project meets, the more likely it will be accepted for incubation.


  1. The code is under an OSI approved license (data & doc projects need to specify their choice for a type of license).
  2. The project is willing to keep code clear of encumbrances
  3. The project is "geospatial", or directly in support of geospatial applications.


The following are desirable traits of projects entering into the community:

  1. Open source software is already reasonably mature (working quality code).
  2. Project already has a substantial user community.
  3. Project already has a substantial and diverse developer community.
  4. Project members are aware of, and implements support for, relevant standards (ie. OGC, etc).
  5. Project has linkages with existing foundation projects.
  6. Project fills a gap related to software that the foundation supports.
  7. Project is prepared to develop in an open and collaborative fashion.
  8. Project has contributions and interest from more than just one company/organization.
  9. Project is willing to migrate some or all of its infrastructure (code repository, web site, wiki, mailing list, etc) to foundation support infrastructure, and to adopt a website style consistent with the foundation.