OSGeo Logo: Usage, History, and Downloads

Logo and branding material usage

These are the official branding materials and logo for the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo).

We have established a Branding Guide (PDF - 3.95 MB), which provides guidelines for logo usage, colours, typeface and branding elements to ensure that we have a consistent visual identity.

Please respect our trademark guidelines when using these visual assets.

Branding Material Downloads

The OSGeo Branding and Style Guide provides instructions for use:

  • OSGeo branding materials are available in github.
  • OSGeo Foundation logo is available in a range of web friendly (png, svg) and publishing (eps, ai) formats.
  • OSGeo printing collateral has been provided by the foundation and projects and translated by our local chapter volunteers.
  • Collateral templates are provided, for effective use please follow the customization instructions to include your own background imagery.

Please contact the marketing committee if you require assistance or clarification on the use of OSGeo branding materials.

Logo History

The OSGeo logo was created as part of a contest shortly after the formation of the foundation. As part of the contest, we received many great submissions and held a vote to determine the winner. Aaron Koning's submission came out on top. The initial submission was subsequently altered to allow for easier printing, but the initial clear design concept remains.

In 2017 a website and rebranding contract was under taken by Get Interactive. The firm lead the community through a rebranding exercise, updating our core compass design elements for our ten year anniversary.