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Seeking Consultants and Service Organizations

News Date: 
2 May 2007

OSGeo is now bringing the Service Provider Directory online. It is essentially a web list of consultants and service organizations in the open source geospatial realm. We are currently seeking consultants and service organizations to register themselves in the directory. In a few weeks, assuming this goes fairly well, we will start trying to publicize the directory to potential clients, and work it into our presentations, materials at conferences and so forth.

There is no cost to participate. You just need someone in your organization to register for an OSGeo Userid, then login into the OSGeo web site, and then go to the form to enter your organization details. There are some directions and discussion at:


Feel free to contact info at osgeo.org, if you have questions about this service provider directory. We anticipate some fine tuning before we promote it vigorously.

deegree day 2007 – Call for Papers

News Date: 
13 Apr 2007

After 6 years of continuous growth the deegree project currently provides the most comprehensive implementation of OGC/ISO standards in the Free Software world. To support the community process the second get together of users and developers will be held June 12th, 2007, at the "Universitaetsclub Bonn". deegree day is designed to be a platform for interaction between users and developers, and knowledge exchange. Developers will present both current and upcoming features. Users have the opportunity to report on latest project solutions. Pressing open issues in technology, communication, and project organization will be discussed on deegree day.

Call for Papers / Sponsoring

We invite you to submit papers to be presented at deegree day. Papers should be of general interest to the conference participants and be related to the deegree project. This is a good chance to document your project results and your expertise and to discuss solution strategies with experts and users.

For more details on submitting papers, sponsoring, or background on deegree day visit:


OSGeo Welcomes Sixteen Students for Google Summer of Code

News Date: 
12 Apr 2007

OSGeo has selected sixteen students to participate in development efforts spread across the GDAL, GRASS, GeoTools, PostGIS, uDig, and GeoServer projects as part of the Google Summer of Code for 2007. Google is providing funding for the selected students, while the project communities are providing mentors to assist the students. A full list of students, mentors and planned developments is available at:


OSGeo thanks Google for its support of this great program, and looks forward to the participation of these students in our community.

FOSS4G 2007 Call for Presentations

News Date: 
4 Apr 2007

We are pleased to announce the Call for Presentations for the FOSS4G (Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial) 2007 conference, being held September 24-27, in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Held annually, FOSS4G is the premier conference for the open source geospatial community, providing a full-immersion experience in established and leading edge geospatial technologies for developers, users, and people new to open source geospatial.


FOSS4G 2007 presentations are 25 minute talks, with 5 minute question and answer sessions at the end. Presentations cover the use or development of open source geospatial software. Anyone can can submit a presentation proposal and take part in the conference as a presenter.

Some topics of interest for this year are:

  • Case Studies: Relate the experiences of you and your organization using open source geospatial. Where do things work well? Poorly? What problems did you solve, and at what cost? What do you recommend for others? Why?
  • Benchmarks: Comparisons between pieces of geospatial software. How do features compare? Speed? Ease of use? What do you recommend for others?
  • Visualization: Tell about your tips and tricks for effective visualization. How do you present information in a compelling way? 3D?
    Cartographic tricks? Labelling and naming ideas? Graphs and hybrid map/data combinations?

  • Development: What are the new developments in your open source geospatial software product? How does it work, how do people use it, what are the technical issues you are running into?
  • Hacks and Mashing: Have you put together something novel or cool this year? What did you stick together, how did it work, show us your gizmo!
  • Collaboration: What techniques are you using to improve collaboration between organizations and between individuals. Public geodata, collaborative data collection, data sharing, open standards, de facto standards, and more!

If you have an open source geospatial story to tell, we want to hear it!

For more information, see the FOSS4G site:


The deadline for presentation submissions is June 29, 2007. Submit early, submit often!

OSGeo Accepted for Google Summer of Code

News Date: 
15 Mar 2007

OSGeo is pleased to announce that Google has accepted OSGeo as mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code 2007 program. This program provides funding for students to work on open source projects under the support of experienced mentors. The projects participating through OSGeo are GDAL, GeoServer, GeoTools, GRASS, MapGuide, PostGIS, uDig, OpenJUMP and MapServer.

Students interested in participating can find more information on OSGeo project ideas at:


and more information about the program as a whole at:


MapGuide Open Source helps San Francisco protect the urban forest

News Date: 
8 Mar 2007

The City of San Francisco’s Department of Public Works’ Bureau of Urban Forestry (BUF), the Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF), Autodesk, and Online Mapping Solutions have worked together to develop a city-wide, dynamic online map of the city’s growing number of trees. The San Francisco Urban Forest Mapping System was developed using a combination of open source and proprietary mapping technologies, with MapGuide Open Source forming the central element. By integrating their two data sets into one, BUF and FUF now have a vital, technology-based tool for tree maintenance and management, enabling urban forest managers to inventory and map existing, future and past tree locations. The map will also be an online tool, allowing citizens to access tree data, report problems, upload personal tree information, such as photos and stories, and add information about privately owned trees to the city inventory. The new site will be launched as part of the Mayor’s Arbor Day events on March 10, 2007. For more information about the project, visit www.urbanforest.org.