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OSGeo Code Sprint, Daytona Beach

News Date: 
19 Dec 2016

We are hosting an OSGEO code sprint at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University from Tuesday Feb 7 - Friday Feb 11, we'll have access to facilities for coding and collaboration. Lots of good night time activities and a trip to the Daytona International Speedway Thursday. Come join us ..


FOSS4G-Europe 2017: Call for Sponsors

News Date: 
14 Dec 2016

Dear community,

we are glad to share with you the call for sponsors that has been sent for the FOSS4G-Europe 2017 conference (1, 2, 3).

The FOSS4G-Europe 2017 local organizing committee is calling for sponsors to help making the 2017 edition a great success. Supporting FOSS4G Europe in 2017 is about giving back to the open source community as well as getting a unique opportunity to promote your geo business.

Sponsoring this event means:

  • Engaging a premium audience of key geospatial industry stakeholders and potential customers,
  • Demonstrating the strength of your corporate brand, products or services,
  • Networking and building relationships

FOSS4G-Europe 2017 is a unique marketing opportunity and we believe it will provide your company or organization with great industry rewards.

A variety of sponsorship packages are available and the local organizing committee is happy to consider any customization to meet your needs.

We are open to your ideas for sponsoring any of the following items:

  • Event lanyards or swag
  • Ice Breaker event
  • Coffee breaks
  • Gala event

Please contact sponsor-foss4ge2017@osgeo.org for any inquiry.

Best regards,

Gérald Fenoy & Nicolas Paparoditis
Chairs of FOSS4G-Europe 2017

Announcing FOSS4G + SoTM Argentina 2017

News Date: 
20 Nov 2016

Mark your calendars! The FOSS4G + SoTM communities will combine in a great event from 23 to 28 October 2017. Come to Buenos Aires to share, learn, and be open!

This conference aims to bring together members of the geomatics community of Argentina and other Latin American countries, to share and learn about open software and open data. We hope to have a mix of workshops, project presentations and exhibitions of use cases of free tools applied to geomatics. In addition, it is an event that promotes interaction between users of different communities and organizations, with leaders from both the OSGeo and OpenStreetMap communities.

Follow us on Twitter at @foss4gar We hope to see you soon in Buenos Aires!

the 2017 FOSS4G + SoTM Argentina local committee

About FOSS4G:

The FOSS4G (Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial) events occur every year in different parts of the world, and are hosted by OSGeo (the Open Source Geospatial Foundation). There is a global conference in 2017 in Boston, United States; but there are many local regional FOSS4G events each year in countries such as North America, Europe, Spain, Japan, India and others including Argentina.

About SoTM:

The SoTM (State of the Map) events also occur each year all over the world as part of the OpenStreetMap community.

GeoForAll: Happy PostGIS Day :-)

News Date: 
20 Nov 2016

On behalf of GeoForAll community, I am pleased to share the latest edition of our newsletter. Thanks to Dr Nikos Lambrinos (Chief Editor) and our amazing team of editors for making this possible.

Download the latest newsletter at http://www.geoforall.org/newsletters/

We would like to introduce our colleagues at Department of Geoinformatics, Palacký University in Olomouc, Czech Republic as our “GeoForAll” lab of the month. Details at http://opensourcegeospatial.icaci.org/2016/11/geoforall-lab-of-the-month-department-of-geoinformatics-palacky-university...

We are also happy to present Victoria Rautenbach from the Centre of Geoinformation Science (CGIS) at the University of Pretoria (UP) in South Africa. as our GeoAmbassador. It is even more great pleasure to have another GeoAmbassodor Dr. Serena Coetzee (the GeoForAll chair of Africa ) who nominated Victoria for us. I want to thank Serena for introducing to us a great colleague as our GeoAmbassodor of the month and sending us all the details at http://opensourcegeospatial.icaci.org/2016/11/geoambassador-of-the-month-victoria-rautenbach/

GeoForAll’s mission is make geospatial education opportunities open to all and to make sure we all work together to create global citizens contributing to the betterment of humanity. Please be our GeoAmbassadors and share these ideas with all. Open principles in education (open educational resources, free and open software, open data, open standards etc) are key for true empowerment of staff and students globally and making education and opportunities accessible to all . We look forward to working and building collaborations with all interested in this education mission. Access to quality education and opportunities is key for getting rid of extreme poverty and enabling broadly shared prosperity for all.

The Open Source Geospatial Foundation is the world’s largest Geospatial ecosystem , so we welcome you to the huge network of our partners and collaborators globally from governments, industry , universities, NGOs worldwide that you can connect to expand your ideas rapidly. Open innovation is key in driving Digital Economy opportunities and we are determined to make sure that everyone benefits.

May the FOSS be with everyone…

Best wishes,


"UN open GIS" logo contest WINNER

News Date: 
20 Nov 2016

Congratulations Ilaria De Leo, the winner of the "UN open GIS" logo contest!

Her logo entry (see below) received the majority of votes by members of UN Open GIS initiative and has been crowned the winner! A BIG thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success! Stay tuned for coming outcomes from the "UN open GIS initiative"!

In case you missed it, you can check out the contest here

Orfeo ToolBox 5.8 is released!

News Date: 
9 Nov 2016

We are very happy to announce the new release of Orfeo ToolBox 5.8 codename Sphenomorphinae with a lot of new exciting features!

Some of the new additions:

  • Monteverdi sources have been moved inside OTB repository and Monteverdi is now included as an OTB module.
  • Connect applications in memory is now available, which allows to write a Python script chaining multiple applications and connect them in memory, no more disk I/Os!
  • Random Forest based on the machine learning library Shark is now available in all OTB machine learning tools
  • More sampling strategies have been added to the classification framework released in previous versions.
  • OTB documentation for non developers aka the "Cookbook" has been migrate in RST (nicer, better, faster...)

The complete list of Request for Changes added in release 5.8 (including new features in Monteverdi):

Source and binary packages can be downloaded from Orfeo ToolBox website. Standalone binary packages for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows are now available for download.

OTB 5.8 will also be available soon depending of your package management system (please revisit the download page if your platform is not available yet). Support for version 5.8 will also soon be added to QGIS thanks to improvements made during last FOSS4G with the support of QGIS developers.

We welcome your feedback and request, and encourage you to join the OTB community and mailing list.

If you think you face a bug, please report it on Mantis.

Happy remote sensing with OTB!

The OTB Team