FOSS4G 2012 - Cancelled!

2012-09-10 00:00
2012-09-15 23:59

Dear Participants of FOSS4G Beijing 2012,

With great regret, the FOSS4G Beijing Local Organizing Committee (LOC) has made the difficult decision of cancelling the event due to a lack of financial resources and the unexpected withdrawal of the Professional Conference Organizer. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

For those interested in FOSS4G events, the LOC suggests consider:

* FOSS4G 2013, to be held in Nottingham, United Kingdom, 2013
* The Asian Geospatial Forum, September 2012, Hanoi, Vietnam, which will have an OSGeo session.

Thank you for your patience and support!

Best regards,

FOSS4G Beijing 2012 LOC

Website and Branding July Update

News Date: 
31 Jul 2017

We are reaching the end of the road with one of our final updates on the website/rebranding reboot initiative.

OSGeo has been the home of the open source geospatial community for over ten years. Over this time we have grown and matured as the industry and ecosystem has evolved. In 2017 the marketing committee was given an exciting initiative to rebrand and redesign OSGeo and our affiliated properties.

For details check the Expression of Interest document and OSGeo project page. You can track our weekly meetings online.

Sponsors: This initiative is funded by OSGeo with the help of sponsorship - thanks to our key sponsors GeoCat and Boundless for helping to make this possible.

Branding and Collateral

FOSS4G Europe marked our first chance to try out the new OSGeo branding. Thanks to Marc Vloemans for coordinating our debut at the OSGeo booth. The OSGeo booth was enjoyed by all, with plenty of pictures on the FOSS4GE flickr group.

There was also a presentation on our work thus far:

And the best part was the code-sprint where we had several teams working. Nicolas Roelandt and Jody Garnett worked on the content collection forms and sharing them with Astrid, Luca, Venka and more focused on reviewing printed material and coming up with a list of changes and corrections.

Due to the enthusiastic response we have started sharing draft content on github to keep up:

  • branding: logos, fonts and draft style guide.
  • photos: example background photos as described in the style guide.
  • presentation: presentation templates for everyone getting ready for FOSS4G.
  • print: example print materials to inspire teams working on their own information sheets.

Special thanks to Luca for prototyping feedback from the code-sprint as SVG files and joining the marketing team to attend meetings with Get Interactive. Luca has worked hard to make a SVG templates available for teams wishing to prepare an information sheet for FOSS4G.


With wireframes and visual design out of the way, we're ready for the new website! The team at Get Interactive is hard at work on the beta website which you can see here:

Frank Warmerdam has stepped up to help the Get Interactive access the drupal database and directories website for content migration. Although our agreement with Get Interactive covers content migration it has been a real challenge to obtain support during these beautiful summer months - thank you for volunteering Frank!

By the same token we would love to invite everyone to edit and help with content creation directly - but LDAP login using "osgeo id" has not been established. While that is disappointing for all involved - here is what we have instead:

  • Software Projects - we invite project teams to fill in this google form with project details, screen snaps and a team photo if you have it. If you have previously written an OSGeo Live overview this will take five minutes (most of which is finding a good team photo). We ask that you discuss which service providers (companies, organizations or individuals) should be listed as core contributors for your project.
  • GeoForAll Labs - the GeoForAll project already has a jump on collecting lab locations and details. Check the GeoForAll list for details and coordination.
  • Service Providers - we invite companies, organizations and individuals working in our community to connect with website visitors
  • Resources - our community produces a wide range of material we would like to promote on the website. If you have any appropriate presentations, workshops, tutorials, white papers or videos please share.

This is not an ideal situation - your help is requested to bring everything together.

Working Together

If your organization is in a position to financially support this activity please check our webpage for details. Several sponsorship opportunities are available: Key sponsors are acknowledged in each blog post and update. Sponsor logos are used in our wireframes. Supporters are thanked publicly in a monthly blog post.

Thanks to our community of volunteers and everyone who has joined this month!

FOSS4G 2017

FOSS4G Boston: The website/rebranding initiative will be highlighted throughout the conference at the OSGeo Booth, assorted presentations and a birds-of-a-feather session.

Website Training: Please sign up on the OSGeo Wiki for website training with Get Interactive. We ask that projects and committees take part in this important activity (we are paying for it so please take advantage of the opportunity).

Orfeo ToolBox Graduates Incubation

News Date: 
26 Jul 2017

The Open Source Geospatial Foundation is pleased to announce that Orfeo ToolBox (OTB) has graduated from incubation and is now a full fledged OSGeo project.

Orfeo ToolBox (OTB) is an open-source project for state-of-the-art remote sensing. Built as part of the open-source geospatial community, Orfeo ToolBox can process high resolution optical, multispectral and radar images at the terabyte scale. A wide variety of applications are available: from ortho-rectification or pansharpening, all the way to classification, SAR processing, and much more! All of OTB’s algorithms are accessible as QGIS plugins or the Monteverdi visualization tool - or for developers Python, command line or C++.

Graduating incubation includes fulfilling requirements for transparent community operation, responsible project leadership, code provenance, and general good project operation. Graduation allows OSGeo to recommend Orfeo ToolBox as example sustainable open source software, giving users and our community confidence in the project and the project team.

With the Orfeo ToolBox graduation Manuel Grizonnet joins the foundation formally as a project officer (VP, Orfeo ToolBox.) OSGeo would also like to thank project mentor Landon Blake along with Brian Hamlin and Jody Garnett for assistance during the incubation process.

Congratulations to the Orfeo ToolBox community!

FOSS4G 2017 Travel Grant Program

News Date: 
26 Jun 2017

The Open Source Geospatial Foundation is pleased to announce a FOSS4G Travel Grant Program for 2017. The foundation is making $10,000 available to support this outreach activity to help grow our community.

How to apply

You are invited to apply on the TGP Application Form.

Applications are required by 2017-07-07 CET, successful applicants will be notified by 2017-07-14 to provide everyone a chance to book travel.

What is covered

Details of the travel grant:

  • Full Conference Pass
  • An allowance for accommodation and meals/expenses
  • Workshop attendance is not included in the Conference Pass, although a reduced rate will be available

Applicants must:

  • Be able to fund the direct costs of travel to FOSS4G and any booking deposits for accommodation
  • Be in possession of a valid entry visa (if required).

Successful applicants will:

  • check-in at the conference registration desk
  • receive a conference pass and become eligible for reimbursement of expenses (up to the limit of the Travel Grant_
  • reimbursement be coordinated with OSGeo Treasurer after the event

For additional details, and the selection process, visit the our wiki page.

About FOSS4G

The annual Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial conference is the largest global gathering focused on open source geospatial software. FOSS4G brings together developers, users, decision-makers and observers from a broad spectrum of organizations and fields of operation. Through six days of workshops, presentations, discussions, and cooperation, FOSS4G participants create effective and relevant geospatial products, standards, and protocols.

FOSS4G has been held all over the world and draws attendees from over 40 countries. In 2017, Boston, Massachusetts, USA is our host.

About the Conference Committee

The FOSS4G Travel Grant program is administered by the conference committee. Special thanks to Till Adams and Steve Feldman for their groundbreaking work.

Visit our website to learn more about the conference committee and how you can help out.


OSGeo Marketing

The Marketing committee is the official committee of OSGeo supporting user outreach. The committee offers events, projects, and local chapters assistance in user outreach.

Marketing support

These include:
  • Digital asset rebranding and website reboot is a key OSGeo initiative for 2017. The marketing committee has volunteered to undertake an Expression of Interest and Request for Proposals process to revamp the OSGeo visual and online presence.
  • OSGeo Exhibition Pack Marketing Committee aims to limited matching sponsorship for a few targeted areas. These include 100% funding covered for the non-consumable items in one Exhibition Pack per OSGeo Local Organising Committee.

About the Marketing Committee

The Marketing committee is the official committee of OSGeo supporting user outreach. The committee mandate covers:

Establishing and executing a medium term marketing strategy geared at growing our community with new users, as determined in the marketing strategy for OSGeo-outreach, by means of;

  • A - a new website and logo design (2017)
  • B - a clean up/new marketing collateral (2017)
  • C - ongoing support for events e.g. downloadable marketing collateral, event formats etc (ongoing) via the website


Mailing List:

You can subscribe to the "marketing" mailing list, or search the mailing list.

Wiki Page:

The Marketing Committee Wiki contains good background information on the committee, as well as recents tasks.


Committee members are eligible to vote. The process to become Committee member is to send a nomination (self nomination is fine) with an introduction of the candidate. The committee will then make a motion at the next meeting.

  • Peter Batty
  • Nicolas Bozon
  • Arnulf Christl
  • Astrid Emde
  • Jody Garnett
  • Harrison Grundy
  • Jeff Johnson
  • Alex Mandel
  • Peter Mooney
  • Cameron Shorter
  • Guido Stein
  • Marc Vloemans, Chair

OSGeo Sponsorship Opportunities for 2017

News Date: 
6 Jan 2017

Welcome to another exciting year for OSGeo!

Many of our most important initiatives are only possible thanks to the support of our volunteers and sponsors. If you are in position to support our community, events and activities in 2017 we would love to hear from you.

OSGeo sponsorship is accumulated across events giving us a chance to recognize organizations that support us financially at each level of our community from local chapter meetups, project sprints, foundation initiatives, local FOSS4G events and this year’s global FOSS4G 2017 in Boston.

We have two key OSGeo initiatives with fund raising targets in 2017:

  • Digital asset rebranding and website reboot: The marketing committee has volunteered to undertake an Expression of Interest and Request for Proposals process to revamp the OSGeo visual and online presence in 2017. This is a significant user-focused undertaking that would greatly benefit from your support!
  • OSGeo-UN Hackathon: Our UN Committee would like to host sprints and workshops with UN partners. Additional fundraising is slated to help with travel costs allowing OSGeo project leads to attend.

Event sponsorship opportunities:

  • FOSS4G 2017 Boston - our celebrated meeting of the tribes global event with keynote speakers from Paul Ramsey to Dr. Richard Stallman.
  • FOSS4G Europe 2017 - a great combination of workshops, conference and code sprint July 18th-22nd in Paris.
  • FOSS4G-ASIA 2017- Extends foss4g to Asia welcomingall GIS communities and tribes to Hyderaba January 26-29.
  • Daytona Beach Code Sprint 2017 - our annual code sprint takes place in North America this year, bringing together project members to make decisions and tackle larger geospatial problems.
  • Additional regional and project events will be announced throughout the year, keep your eye open for a chance to assist either financially or in person.

Sponsorship benefits range from website placement, inclusion in promotional material, to events and press releases. For additional information, examples and available discounts, please see our sponsorship page, 2017 reference (or contact with your questions).

carpet cleaning

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About the Open Source Geospatial Foundation

The Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to foster global adoption of open geospatial technology by being an inclusive software foundation devoted to an open philosophy and participatory community driven development.

The foundation provides financial, organizational and legal support to the broader open source geospatial community. It also serves as an independent legal entity to which community members can contribute code, funding and other resources, secure in the knowledge that their contributions will be maintained for public benefit. OSGeo also serves as an outreach and advocacy organization for the open source geospatial community, and provides a common forum and shared infrastructure for improving cross-project collaboration.

The foundation's projects are all freely available and useable under an Open Source Initiative certified open source license.

OSGeo has US 501(c)(4) legal status as a not-for-profit organization.

OSGeo Vision

Empower everyone with open source geospatial

OSGeo Mission Statement

Foster global adoption of open geospatial technology by being an inclusive software foundation devoted to an open philosophy and participatory community driven development.

OSGeo Goals

The following aspirational goals support the overall mission. As a foundation we seek to:

  • provide resources for foundation projects;
  • foster the use of open source geospatial software;
  • encourage interoperability with open and community standards;
  • ensure interoperability between the foundation projects;
  • encourage a high degree of quality and innovation in foundation projects;
  • champion the use of open-source and community participation through the development of an open education curriculum
  • enable communication and cooperation amongst OSGeo communities;
  • champion community building through horizontal (local chapters) engagement and through vertical (sector specific) agreements with like-minded organizations;
  • be a welcoming and inclusive worldwide organization at all levels;
  • celebrate excellence, openness and service within the OSGeo community.

Foundation Details

Media and News

OSGeo Foundation Charter Members

Charter Members have the same responsibilities as all members, with the additional responsibility of voting for board members.

Charter Members

NOTE: see visualizations of Charter Members by year, region, or country

Name Surname (Year), Nationality
  1. Sergio Acosta y Lara (2013), Uruguay
  2. Eli Adam (2013), United States of America
  3. Till Adams (2013), Germany
  4. Andrea Aime (2012), Italy
  5. Nikos Alexandris (2014), Greece
  6. Dan Ames (2013), United States of America
  7. Suchith Anand (2011), United Kingdom
  8. Andy Anderson (2016), United States of America
  9. Andrea Antonello (2014), Italy
  10. Milan Antonovic (2014), Switzerland
  11. Moisés Arcos (2014), Spain
  12. Jorge Arévalo (2014), Spain
  13. Carolina Arias (2014), Italy
  14. Maria Arias de Reyna (2013), Spain
  15. Jean-Marie Arsac (2015), France
  16. Yewondwossen Assefa (2007), Canada
  17. Rob Atkinson (2007), Australia
  18. Thierry Badard (2008), Canada
  19. Bruce Bannerman (2014), Australia
  20. Tudor Bărăscu (2016), Romania
  21. Bob Basques (2011), United States of America
  22. Jorge Luis Batista (2016), Cuba
  23. Peter Batty (2009), United States of America
  24. Peter Baumann (2013), Germany
  25. Wolf Bergenheim (2008), Finland
  26. Daniel Berry (2016), United States of America
  27. David Bianco (2015), USA
  28. David Bitner (2009), United States of America
  29. Landon Blake (2007), United States of America
  30. Miguel Ángel Blanco (2014), Argentina
  31. Thomas Bonfort (2012), France
  32. Kristin Bott (2014), United States of America
  33. Alan Boudreault (2009), Canada
  34. Nicolas Bozon (2011), France
  35. Robert Bray (2006), Canada
  36. Justin Bronn (2009), United States of America
  37. Maria Brovelli (2010), Italy
  38. Alexander Bruy (2014), Ukraine
  39. Ragi Yaser Burhum (2012), Peru
  40. Thomas E. Burk (2006), United States of America
  41. Howard Butler (2006), United States of America
  42. Silvana Camboim (2013), Brazil
  43. Massimiliano Cannata (2012), Italy
  44. Mirko Cardoso (2016), Switzerland
  45. Duarte Carreira (2009), Portugal
  46. Brian Case (2011), United States of America
  47. Paolo Cavallini (2008), Italy
  48. Mark Cave-Ayland (2009), United Kingdom
  49. Jachym Cepicky (2011), Czech Republic
  50. Kate Chapman (2014), United States of America
  51. Karel Charvat (2012), Czech Republic
  52. Shailesh Chaure (2016), India
  53. Yann Chemin (2013), Sri Lanka
  54. Junyoung Choi (2016), South Korea
  55. Sittichai Choosumrong (2014), Thailand
  56. Arnulf Christl (2006), Germany
  57. Serena Coetzee (2012), South Africa
  58. Jo Cook (2010), United Kingdom
  59. Paolo Corti (2013), Italy
  60. Olivier Courtin (2014), France
  61. Sebastiaan Couwenberg (2015), Netherlands
  62. Vasile Craciunescu (2012), Romania
  63. Simone Dalmasso (2014), Italy
  64. Martin Daly (2011), United Kingdom
  65. Martin Davis (2008), Canada
  66. Phillip Davis (2013), United States of America
  67. Pieter De Graef (2014), Belgium
  68. Justin de Olivera (2006), United States of America
  69. Luís de Sousa (2016), Switzerland
  70. Etienne Delay (2015), France
  71. Luca Delucchi (2011), Italy
  72. Luciene Delzari (2014), Brazil
  73. Vivien Deparday (2014), France
  74. Margherita di Leo (2011), Italy
  75. Massimo di Stefano (2011), Italy
  76. Alejandro Díaz (2014), Spain
  77. Javier Díaz (2015), Argentina
  78. Martin Dobias (2016), Czech Republic
  79. Maxim Dubinin (2013), Russia
  80. Jürgen E. Fischer (2015), Germany
  81. Jonas Eberle (2016), Germany
  82. Ian Edwards (2013), United Kingdom
  83. Astrid Emde (2010), Germany
  84. Schuyler D. Erle (2006), United States of America
  85. David Fawcett (2014), United States of America
  86. Steven Feldman (2014), United Kingdom
  87. Gérald Fenoy (2009), France
  88. Nimalika Fernando (2014), Sri Lanka
  89. Victor Ferreira (2009), Portugal
  90. Pedro-Juan Ferrer Matoses (2012), Spain
  91. Lene Fischer (2015), Denmark
  92. Gavin Fleming (2010), South Africa
  93. Silvia Franceschi (2014), Italy
  94. Dirk Frigne (2013), Belgium
  95. Darrell Fuhirman (2014), United States of America
  96. Alessandro Furieri (2013), Italy
  97. Danilo Furtado (2010), Portugal
  98. Taichi Furuhashi (2013), Japan
  99. Gonzalo Gabriel Pérez (2015), Argentina
  100. Santosh Gaikwad (2014), India
  101. José García (2014), Spain
  102. Micho García (2013), Spain
  103. Jody Garnett (2006), Australia
  104. Michael P. Gerlek (2006), United States of America
  105. Anne Ghisla (2010), Italy
  106. Simone Giannecchini (2007), Italy
  107. Nadiia Gorash (2014), Ukraine
  108. John Graham (2007), United States of America
  109. Bogdan Grama (2016), Romania
  110. Anita Graser (2012), Austria
  111. Thomas Gratier (2014), France
  112. Hans Gregers Petersen (2015), Denmark
  113. Tanya Haddad (2014), United States of America
  114. Brian Hamlin (2012), United States of America
  115. Vasanthi Hargyono (2016), Indonesia
  116. Régis Haubourg (2014), France
  117. Hirofumi Hayashi (2010), Japan
  118. Chris Helm (2014), United States of America
  119. Santiago Higuera (2016), Spain
  120. Andreas Hocevar (2010), Austria
  121. Chris Holmes (2006), United States of America
  122. Ned Horning (2006), United States of America
  123. Codrina Maria Ilie (2013), Romania
  124. Ionuț Iosifescu (2014), Switzerland
  125. Christos Iosifidis (2014), Greece
  126. Florin Iosub (2014), Romania
  127. Nobusuke Iwasaki (2013), Japan
  128. Yves Jacolin (2008), France
  129. BJ Jang (2014), South South Korea
  130. Marc Jansen (2013), Germany
  131. Jan Jezek (2012), Czech Republic
  132. Jeffrey Johnson (2014), United States of America
  133. Ari Jolma (2006), Finland
  134. Borys Jurgiel (2013), Poland
  135. Pirmin Kalberer (2014), Switzerland
  136. Daniel Kastl (2013), Germany
  137. Yoicihi Kayama (2011), Japan
  138. Andrey V. Kiselev (2006), Russia
  139. Puneet Kishor (2007), United States of America
  140. Jim Klassen (2014), United States of America
  141. Barend Köbben (2012), Netherlands
  142. Asahi Kosuke (2015), Japan
  143. Dimitris Kotzinos (2012), Greece
  144. Tom Kralidis (2007), Canada
  145. Gaël Kruwialis (2016), Belgium
  146. Mayumi Kubo (2015), Japan
  147. Helmut Kudrnovsky (2013), Austria
  148. Matthias Kuhn (2016), Switzerland
  149. Chaitanya Kumar (2014), India
  150. Haris Kurtagic (2009), Slovenia
  151. Julien-Samuel Lacroix (2008), Canada
  152. Martin Landa (2011), Czech Republic
  153. Gary Lang (2006), United States of America
  154. Marco Lechner (2013), Germany
  155. Minpa Lee (2013), South Korea
  156. Eric Lemoine (2011), France
  157. Moritz Lennert (2015), Belgium
  158. Mark Leslie (2013), Australia
  159. Steve Lime (2006), United States of America
  160. Dan Little (2014), United States of America
  161. Josh Livni (2009), United States of America
  162. Oscar López (2015), Argentina
  163. Peter Löwe (2012), Germany
  164. Mark Lucas (2006), United States of America
  165. James MacGill (2006), United States of America
  166. Werner Macho (2016), Austria
  167. Alex Mandel (2010), United States of America
  168. Giovanni Manghi (2009), Portugal
  169. Andreea Marin (2014), Romania
  170. David Mateos (2016), Spain
  171. Oliver May (2015), Belgium
  172. Christian Mayer (2014), Germany
  173. Dave McIlhagga (2006), Canada
  174. Daniel McInerney (2013), Ireland
  175. Jeff McKenna (2006), Canada
  176. Rafael Medeiros Sperb (2006), Brazil
  177. César Medina (2012), Chile
  178. Paul Meems (2014), Netherlands
  179. Erik Meerburg (2016), Netherlands
  180. Stephan Meißl (2014), Austria
  181. Kurt Menke (2015), USA
  182. Hugo Mercier (2016), France
  183. Simon Mercier (2014), Canada
  184. Julien Michel (2015), France
  185. Ivan Minčik (2014), Slovakia
  186. Marco Minghini (2015), Italy
  187. Mauricio Miranda (2012), Argentina
  188. Volker Mische (2013), Germany
  189. Helena Mitasova (2006), United States of America
  190. Tyler Mitchell (2006), Canada
  191. Monia Molinari (2016), Italy
  192. Peter Mooney (2015), Ireland
  193. Vincent Mora (2016), France
  194. Alex Morega (2015), Romania
  195. Toru Mori (2006), Japan
  196. Daniel Morissette (2006), Canada
  197. Jeremy Morley (2014), United Kingdom
  198. Jean-Roc Morreale (2012), France
  199. Markus Muller (2008), New Zealand
  200. Rama Murthy Soma (2016), India
  201. Pericles Nacionales (2006), United States of America
  202. Ko Nagase (2015), Japan
  203. Alvin Natividad (2015), Philippines
  204. Markus Neteler (2006), Italy
  205. Alexandre Neto (2014), Portugal
  206. Doug Newcomb (2012), United States of America
  207. Jackie Ng (2009), Australia
  208. Sarawut Ninsawat (2013), Thailand
  209. Yuichiro Nishimura (2015), Japan
  210. Milena Nowotarska (2010), Poland
  211. Takayuki Nuimura (2014), Japan
  212. Ariel Nuñez (2014), Colombia
  213. Regina Obe (2009), United States of America
  214. Victor Olaya (2012), Spain
  215. Tommy Oozeer (2016), Belgium
  216. David Percy (2014), United States of America
  217. Pedro Pereira (2016), Portugal
  218. Václav Petras (2014), Czech Republic
  219. Anna Petrasova (2014), Czech Republic
  220. Claude Philipona (2006), Switzerland
  221. Vincent Picavet (2013), France
  222. Luigi Pirelli (2016), Spain
  223. S. Narendra Prasad (2008), India
  224. François Prunayre (2013), France
  225. Aaron Racicot (2007), United States of America
  226. Venkatesh Raghavan (2006), Japan
  227. Jukka Rahkonen (2014), Finland
  228. Hardeep S. Rai (2009), India
  229. K.S. Rajan (2009), India
  230. Paul Ramsey (2006), Canada
  231. G. Hanumantha Rao (2011), India
  232. Mohammed Rashad (2014), India
  233. Victoria Rautenbach (2016), South Africa
  234. Didier Richard (2015), France
  235. Jorge Gustavo Rocha (2009), Portugal
  236. Gabriel Roldán (2011), Argentina
  237. Rafael Roset (2016), Spain
  238. Andrew Ross (2008), Canada
  239. Even Rouault (2011), France
  240. Denis Rouzaud (2016), Switzerland
  241. Sara Safavi (2016), United States of America
  242. Kari Salovaara (2015), Finland
  243. Alexander Salveson Nossum (2015), Norway
  244. Emmanuel Polidario Sambale (2011), Philippines
  245. Iván Sánchez Ortega (2014), Norway
  246. Sandro Santilli (2009), Italy
  247. Hugo Santos (2014), Portugal
  248. Jose Santos (2014), Portugal
  249. Jorge Sanz (2008), Spain
  250. Pekka Sarkola (2013), Finland
  251. Jon Scarbrough (2006), United States of America
  252. Tim Schaub (2009), United States of America
  253. Christopher Schmidt (2007), United States of America
  254. Charlie Schweik (2008), United States of America
  255. Yoichi SEINO (2013), Japan
  256. Toshikazu Seto (2014), Japan
  257. Luis W. Sevilla (2008), Spain
  258. Larry Shaffer (2016), United States of America
  259. Gary Sherman (2006), United States of America
  260. Sanghee Shin (2011), South Korea
  261. Cameron Shorter (2006), Australia
  262. Asger Sigurd Petersen (2015), Denmark
  263. Zoltan Siki (2014), Hungary
  264. Marie Silvestre (2014), France
  265. Praveen K. Sinha (2012), India
  266. Kevin Smith (2015), Canada
  267. Michael Smith (2012), United States of America
  268. Harish Kumar Solanki (2013), India
  269. Xianfeng Song (2011), China
  270. Patricio Soriano (2014), Spain
  271. Paul Spencer (2006), Canada
  272. Dane Springmeyer (2009), United States of America
  273. Jerome St-Louis (2016), Canada
  274. Rich Steele (2006), United States of America
  275. Tim Sutton (2011), South Africa
  276. Daria Svidzinska (2015), Ukraine
  277. Robert Szczepanek (2009), Poland
  278. Tamas Szekeres (2007), Hungary
  279. Kenya Tamura (2015), Japan
  280. Tuong Thuy VU (2013), Malaysia
  281. Jeroen Ticheler (2006), Netherlands
  282. Oliver Tonhofer (2014), Germany
  283. Athina Trakas (2008), Germany
  284. Andrew Turner (2008), United States of America
  285. Ian Turton (2006), United States of America
  286. Angelos Tzotsos (2012), Greece
  287. Helton Uchoa (2006), Brazil
  288. Daniel Urdă (2016), Romania
  289. Johan Van de Wauw (2014), Belgium
  290. Just van den Broecke (2013), Netherlands
  291. Gert-Jan van der Weijden (2015), Netherlands
  292. Thijs van Menen (2014), Netherlands
  293. Pedro Venancio (2015), Portugal
  294. Maëlle Vercauteren (2015), Belgium
  295. Vicky Vergara (2015), México
  296. Nikos Ves (2013), Greece
  297. Lluís Vicens (2011), Spain
  298. Norman Vine (2006), United States of America
  299. Marc Vloemans (2015), Netherlands
  300. Ravi Kumar Vundavilli (2006), India
  301. Jan-Oliver Wagner (2007), Germany
  302. Jo Walsh (2006), United Kingdom
  303. Frank Warmerdam (2006), Canada
  304. Elżbieta Wołoszyńska-Wiśniewska (2015), Poland
  305. Brent Wood (2016), New Zealand
  306. Stephen Woodbridge (2011), United States of America
  307. Nathan Woodrow (2013), Australia
  308. Go Yonezawa (2015), Japan
  309. Daisuke Yoshida (2009), Japan
  310. Byeong-Hyeok Yu (2015), South Korea
  311. Geoff Zeiss (2008), Canada
  312. Mateusz チチoskot (2007), United Kingdom
  313. Arne Schubert (2017), Germany
  314. Tom Chadwin (2017), UK
  315. Torben Barsballe (2017), Canada
  316. Jorge Samuel Mendes de Jesus (2017), Portugal/Netherlands?
  317. Rémi Cresson (2017), France
  318. Veronica Andreo (2017), Argentina
  319. Eva Jelínková (2017), Czech Republic
  320. Micah Wengren (2017), USA
  321. Rafael Moreno-Sanchez (2017), USA
  322. Patrick Hogan (2017), USA
  323. Mark Iliffe (2017), UK
  324. Barry Rowlingson (2017), UK
  325. Simon Miles (2017), UK
  326. Paulo van Breugel (2017), Netherlands?
  327. Msilikale Msilanga (2017), Tanzania
  328. Guido Stein (2017), USA
  329. Bart van den Eijnden (2006-2015,2017), Netherlands
  330. Joana Simões (2017), Portugal
  331. Gretchen Peterson (2017), USA
  332. Nikos Lambrinos (2017), Greece
  333. Dražen Tutić (2017), Croatia
  334. Luca Congedo (2017), Italy
  335. Tõnis Kärdi (2017), Estonia
  336. Manuel Grizonnet (2017), France
  337. Cristina Domínguez (2017), Spain
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Retired Charter Members

Name Surname (Years served), Nationality
  1. Lorenzo Becchi (2007-2014), Spain
  2. Michael Adair (2006-2015), Canada

Participatory Geospatial Development Using Python


Ravish Bapna


CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform






The book contains discussion on raster and vector data processing using Python binding of GDAL/OGR library. Also, different approaches of representing spatial reference system are enumerated. There is a discussion on LIDAR data processing using Python binding of libLAS library. Apart from processing geospatial data, the book also covers plotting of geospatial data. The last chapter deals with freely available geospatial data, such as ASTER GDEM, SRTM data etc.

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