Mapping with Leaflet

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This is an introductory workshop session on Mapping with Leaflet. This workshop session does not assume any Javascript or programming knowledge. The session attempts to build simple and easy-to-use and easy-to-understand examples of how geographic data and information can be visualised using the Leaflet library. This workshop was delivered at the FOSS4VGI Summerschool which preceeded the FOSS4G 2015 Europe conference in Como, Italy in July 2015. Source code for the examples is included.
Peter Mooney
Maynooth University
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Leaflet, mapping, visualisation, Javascript, creating web-based maps, web-based mapping

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Undergraduate Students
Graduate Students
Beginner GIS Users
Intermediate GIS Users
Advanced GIS Users
Web Developers
Text Editor - a text editor which is capable of providing some helpful syntax highlight of Javascript is required.
Web Browser - a modern web browser capable of running Javascript.
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Web page
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29 Jul 2015
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