Submitting News Items

Do you have an interesting news item related to OSGeo, an OSGeo project or the Open Source Geospatial area in general? If so, consider submitting it to OSGeo for inclusion on the OSGeo news page.

News submissions should be emailed to Ideally submissions should be HTML fragments, though plain text is also acceptable. If accepted the OSGeo news editors will reformat as appropriate, and the item will appear on the OSGeo announcement list on the main page, on the news archive page and possibly on the OSGeo announce email list.

Some examples of good news items:

  • A significant new release from an OSGeo project.
  • A project entering or completing incubation.
  • An OSGeo statement of support for an initiative (such as for
  • An OSGeo appearance at a conference.
  • A new OSGeo committee, chapter, or working group being initiated.
  • A major release from a non-OSGeo project that is considered quite significant to the OSGeo community (such as Leaflet for instance). However, in this case you might just send your project news directly to the OSGeo Discuss mailing list.
The OSGeo news editors operate as part of the OSGeo web committee, and the internal operational procedure for news items can be found on the wiki. OSGeo is interested in having an additional news editor. If you have good english communication skills, a reasonable understanding of HTML, and a willingness to spend an hour or so a week working for OSGeo, consider sending an email expressing interest to the news_item email address.