GeoForAll: OSGeo's Education and Curriculum Effort

Since 2007, OSGeo-affiliated educators, scientists and practitioners have been working to build a global collaboration around ‘open geospatial science’ research and education. In 2011, OSGeo and the International Cartographic Association signed an MOU to support the creation of a network of open geospatial science and education laboratories and partners, that we call GeoForAll. In 2015, the GeoForAll network reached more than 100 associated labs worldwide. One important component of GeoForAll is to inventory and share educational materials.

To search for educational materials: see our search page.

To share your educational materials:

  • First, create an OSGeo system account -- if you don’t have one -- using this form.
  • Second, login to the system (NOT the wiki).
  • Third, add information about your material using our data entry form.

For more information about OSGeo’s GeoForAll initiative, and how to establish your own lab or become a partner, go to And spread the word!