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Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas - Prodevelop
International Geodetic Students Meeting
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Web Mapping Illustrated: Using Open Source GIS Toolkits


Tyler Mitchell









Desktop GIS: Mapping the Planet with Open Source


Gary Sherman


Pragmatic Bookshelf




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Desktop GIS explores the world of Open Source GIS software and provides a guide to navigate the many options available. Discover what kind of GIS user you are and lay the foundation to evaluate the options and decide what software is best for you.

Desktop GIS examines the challenges associated with assembling and using an OSGIS toolkit. You’ll find strategies for choosing a platform, selecting the right tools, integration, managing change, and getting support. The survey of OSGIS desktop applications provides you with a quick introduction to the many packages available. You’ll see examples of both GUI (Graphical User Interface) and command line interfaces to give you a feel for what is available.

This book will give you an understanding of the Open Source GIS landscape, along with a detailed look at the major desktop applications, including GRASS, Quantum GIS, uDig, spatial databases, GMT, and other command line tools. Finally, the book exposes you to scripting in the OSGIS world, using Python, shell, and other languages to visualize, digitize, and analyze your data.

Table of contents:
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Working with Vector Data
  • Working with Raster Data
  • Digitizing and Editing Vector Data
  • Data Formats
  • Spatial Databases
  • Creating Data
  • Projections and Coordinate Systems
  • Geoprocessing
  • Using Command-Line Tools
  • Getting the Most Out of QGIS and GRASS Integration
  • GIS Scripting
  • Writing Your Own GIS Applications
  • Survey of Desktop Mapping Software
  • Installing Software
  • GRASS Basics
  • Quantum GIS Basics

Open Source GIS: A GRASS GIS Approach. Third Edition.

Author:Markus Neteler and Helena Mitasova
Publisher:Springer, New York
Price:95 USD (list price)
Synopsis: With this third edition of Open Source GIS: A GRASS GIS Approach, we enter the new era of GRASS6, the first release that includes substantial new code developed by the International GRASS Development Team. The dramatic growth in open source software libraries has made the GRASS6 development more efficient, and has enhanced GRASS interoperability with a wide range of open source and proprietary geospatial tools.

Thoroughly updated with material related to the GRASS 6, the third edition includes new sections on attribute database management and SQL support, vector networks analysis, lidar data processing and new graphical user interfaces. All chapters were updated with numerous practical examples using the first release of a comprehensive, state-of-the-art geospatial data set.

Open Source GIS: A GRASS GIS Approach (third edition) preserves the continuity of previous editions by maintaining the proven book's structure and continues to target professional audience composed of researchers and practitioners in government and industry as well as graduate students interested in geospatial analysis and modeling.

Written for:
Professionals, researchers and practitioners, graduate students
Table of contents:
1 Open Source software and GIS 1
2 GIS concepts 7
3 Getting started with GRASS 21
4 GRASS data models and data exchange 53
5 Working with raster data 83
6 Working with vector data 169
7 Graphical output and visualization 263
8 Image processing 287
9 Notes on GRASS programming 331
10 Using GRASS with other Open Source tools 347
A Appendix 367
A.1 Selected equations used in GRASS modules 367
A.2 Landscape process modeling 381
A.3 Definition of SQLite-ODBC connection 383
References 385
Index 393
Review: An excellent book for everybody working with GRASS GIS. Even seasoned veterans can find something in this book. This book explains the ideology of GRASS GIS, and how it works and why. Not all commands are detailed in this book, since the full documentation comes with GRASS GIS. Anybody wanting to start with Open Source GIS should get this book.

deegree iGeo3d screenshot

deegree iGeo3d screenshot

deegree iGeoPortal screenshot

deegree iGeoPortal screenshot

GeoNetwork opensource Project Info Sheet

GeoNetwork opensource: a standards based Geographic Data and Information Management System for the web

Home Page: http://geonetwork-opensource.org
Project Flyer: GeoNetwork_opensource_20_Flyer.pdf
Articles: GeoNetwork_opensource related articles
Mailing Lists: geonetwork-devel and geonetwork-users
Software: downloads


GeoNetwork opensource is a catalog application to manage spatially referenced resources. It provides powerful metadata editing and search functions as well as an embedded interactive web map viewer.

GeoNetwork opensource has been developed to connect spatial information communities and their data using a modern architecture, which is at the same time powerful and low cost, based on the principles of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and International and Open Standards for services and protocols (a.o. from ISO/TC211 and OGC).


  • Immediate search access to local and distributed geospatial catalogues
  • Up- and downloading of data, graphics, documents, pdf files and any other content type
  • An interactive Web Map Viewer to combine Web Map Services from distributed servers around the world
  • A randomly selected Featured Map
  • Recently updated entries, also accessible as RSS news feeds and as GeoRSS.
  • Online editing of metadata with a powerful template system
  • Native support for ISO19115/ISO19119/ISO19139, FGDC and Dublin Core formatted metadata
  • Scheduled harvesting and synchronization of metadata between distributed catalogues
  • Fine-grained access control
  • Group and user management
  • Multi-lingual user interface

OSGeo Download Server

To visit the OSGeo Download Server, please proceed to http://download.osgeo.org/

Tyler interviewed by Linux Journal

Tyler interviewed by Linux Journal

OSGeo - Waar gaan we heen (Dutch)

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Jeroen Ticheler
Het gebruik van OS Software in de GEO-ICT, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht
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