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The OSGeo Service Provider Directory is intended to be a convenient resource for organizations using open source geospatial software to identify consulting and contracting organization and individuals able to provide software related services. Services can range from providing total solutions to custom software development, to end user support.

Service providers are responsible for self-registering information about themselves, and providing a link to a web page describing their services in more detail. OSGeo does not pre-screen service provider entries, and doesn't certify or accept responsibility for any misrepresentation. Please use the OSGeo web site feedback mechanism if you feel that entries in this directory are inaccurate or inappropriate.


The search page can be used to search the service provider directory. The following search items are provided:

Local Providers: The search is restricted to providers with offices in the selected countries. Most providers offer services anywhere in the world, but it can sometimes be helpful to identify local providers.

Language: The search is restricted to providers offering service in the specified language(s).

Technologies: The search is restricted to providers claiming experience and support for the identified technologies.

Once criteria have been selected, and the Search button activated, a list of matching service providers is produced. In addition to the above fields, this results list will include the name of the organization or individual (linked to their web page), and an estimated number of employees to give some sense of the scale of the organization. Please consult the provider supplied web page for details on their services and capabilities.


Maintaining an Entry

Organizations and individuals providing professional consulting, support and development services around open source geospatial software are encouraged to submit an entry for the directory. To submit an entry, first login to the OSGeo web site using your OSGeo userid and then visit the profile submission page to enter your profile.

To later modify your profile, just login to the OSGeo web site, and do a search to find your entry. An Edit button should appear beside a profile you own allowing you to modify the entry.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • Only select countries in which your organization has actual local offices, not just nations that you are interested in providing services to.
  • Only select technologies for which your organization is able to provide services.
  • Requests for additional countries, languages and technologies can be made via the OSGeo website feedback link. OSGeo reserves the right to limit the technologies, and in particular does not at this time list proprietary technologies.


OSGeo is interested in feedback on our approach to the Service Provider Directory from the service providers point of view, and the point of view of those looking for service providers. Please add feedback at the end of the service provider directory wiki page. Requests for new countries, languages and technologies should be sent by email to info @